Mission Statement:

"D&J was founded to provide superior customer service, using quality products and qualified personnel that adapt to the latest innovations in this evolving industry; and to provide employees a career with advancement opportunities in an environment designed to excel."


A Letter from the Owners:

D&J Cable Contractors, Inc. began with a simple philosophy “Provide the finest technical services and personnel to the broadband and telecommunications industry.”

This philosophy, while still in place and unchanged, has been a guiding force in our transformation from a small sub-contractor to a mid-size contractor with a W-2 field staff including uniformed in-house installation, construction, and service personnel.

Our commitment to success is unwavering, as is our belief that the key to providing the highest level of service begins with proper training and preparation.  On-going training and safety programs ensure that every D&J employee is fully qualified to perform the complex tasks that today's broadband and telecommunications industry demands.


Whether it’s service calls, residential and commercial installation, underground or aerial construction, or fiber splicing, D&J Cable has the experience and staff to assist you in meeting your operational goals.